7 Tips to Start Running

Running has many advantages: you only need a pair of good shoes and in our climate something to protect you from the sun.

Running gives you ‘you’ time, help to de-stress while getting fit, and improves many physical and mental processes in your body (I am not going to list them here!).

7 Tips to make your running last:

1. Use real running shoes, preferably specifically for your body and gait. Go to a specialist for your first pair. Good running shoes help prevent injuries so you can keep running and not lose your newly built up fitness.
2. Just start running; create the new habit before you splurge on expensive running gear. You don’t need it and it’s much more fun to reward yourself – so set small goals: “if I run 3 times per week for a month I’ll get that shirt”, “for my first 20 min non-stop running I get myself a ….”.
3. Start slowly: you really don’t need to run every day. Give your body and yourself a chance to get used to running. Your body needs to recover to built muscle, but plan your next run before you are fully recovered. When you are just starting running 2 or 3 times per week is great. Make it work for you.
4. Mix it up: walk/run. There are many apps which will help you with that. Plan what you will do before you leave.
5. Keep it fun. Your running is just that: your running. You don’t have to compare yourself or accomplish anything, other than to feel that running benefits you.
6. Do you want more fun? Run with others: it will keep you accountable, provides support and it will distract you when you are going through your built up phase. And when you are getting fitter and stronger it gives you the comradery of achieving goals together.
7. Set a bigger goal with a reward. Plan a local 5 or 10 km race, or set a date that you will run around your local lake without stopping. Imagine how you will feel when you reach that goal. On the days that it’s hard to motivate yourself, or running feels like wading through sirop, bring up these feelings of achieving that goal (or getting the reward!) to get you through.
Every year in February we start with a new beginners group at our Run Club, but we welcome beginners throughout the whole year. We will always keep the group together while catering for all levels of running and focusing on individual goals. You are very welcome to give it a try.