Fit & Happy Personal Training and Remedial Massage

Erika Verhoeven is a certified fitness professional and running trainer and she has diplomas in remedial massage and reflexology. She is also a certified life coach and an accredited journey practitioner.

Erika has been working with clients since 2002 in The Netherlands and since 2005 in Australia.

Erika loves running, hiking, camping and traveling and is often found combining the lot. Her exercise sessions are balanced and stress free and her running sessions social and fun.

Erika suffered more than a decade from chronic fatigue and it is from her search to get her life back that she developed her expertise and passion to help others to also have active and meaningful lives.

Erika believes that if exercise is not fun and social we won’t keep up with it. She also believes that if we live life with the intention to share, grow, heal and love the outcome will be beyond imagination. She aims to infuse her treatments, classes and sessions with these ideas.