Easy Holiday Workouts

As few easy workouts that I did last year on a little Thai beach during my holiday with my daughter. If you are not sure about an exercise check YouTube for examples.

Workout 1

As I didn’t bring my running shoes (I’m traveling with only a small backpack) I can only run on the beach, but you can do this anywhere of course.

Warm-up jog: 5-10 min. Pick 2 landmarks: you will run your intervals between them – mine where around 150 m apart. Run 1 way, walk 15 m back, jog, walk the last 15 min. Repeat 6-8 times.

As the distance is short keep your running tempo up – but comfortable. You should not be sprinting. If you are running on the beach keep your weight even more in the front of your feet and your steps a bit smaller. Remind yourself to keep lifting your knees every time you start.

Jog back, have a swim & stretch. Total time 30-40 min.

Workout 2

Warm-up 5-10 min

Mainly core and glutes today. Set a repetitive timer on 25 sec and work your way through this list for 5 times, switching between exercises as fast as you can.

Overhead sit-ups, plank-ups (from elbow plank to hand plank etc), glute bridge (on your back, heels against your buttocks and keep pushing your hips up, squeezing your glute muscles), supermans (on belly, stretched out arms and legs, lift both arms, hold a few sec, lift both legs, hold few sec – or arms and legs at the same time) and a static plank (on elbows, bum down).

This should take you 20-25 min including your cool-down & stretches.

Workout 3

Warm-up: 10-20 min swim (or jog if you are not near water)

Repeat 3x:

20 squats, 10-15 min walking lunges (total), 20 tricep dips

Repeat 3x:

40 oblique crunches (both elbows alongside 1 knee, then other side), 40 kites (as on picture, alternating sides)

Cool-down swim or jog or walk & stretch.

This shouldn’t take you longer then half an hour.