Personal Training


We all know that having more energy is fundamental for a healthy and happy active life. There are many factors robbing us from feeling energetic and we can help you tackle a number of these in our program.


One of the essential components is physical activity. Having stamina and strength helps you to do stuff faster and easier, saving you time and energy and helping you to feel strong and in charge of your life.


Whether you are a stay at home mum or a (home) entrepreneur, we get it that your sleep is important and that your early mornings and evenings are hectic; that is why we offer day-time exercise. To save you travel time, time off or childcare arrangements we will come to your home during the day* for your personal fitness sessions.


You are very welcome to invite your friends or family – at no extra cost – to your training sessions (max. group size is 6), and it is fine if your little ones hang around too.


Our fitness sessions are balanced but challenging and we look after you. We start with where you are now and work towards improving your fitness in a safe and steady pace. You might be a little sore now and then, but you will still be able to function. It is your body and exercise should make you feel good.


Ideally we work on strengthening weak muscles during your fitness sessions and loosening up the muscles that are tight and sore in our remedial massage treatments as this will also improve your posture over time, relieving pain and preventing debilitating problems in the future.


Contact us to have a chat about how we can support you, for any questions you might have and to sign up.


*If you live within a radius of 15 min driving around Bicton (WA). If you live further away we can discuss alternative options.