Remedial Massage & Reflexology


Stress is the number 1 cause of dis-ease and in our current environment difficult to avoid. While it has an important function – avoiding danger – in our modern society we often don’t get much relief from it. We juggle home, work, kids and a social life with a never-ending stream of ad-hoc information.


Our body doesn’t distinguish between real and imagined stress: watching drama and crime on tv – or the news – will increase our levels of cortisol and adrenalin – causing stress while we are relaxing on the couch.


Massage is a proven way to help the body relax again, as it lowers heart-rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Massage increases the production of endorphins which will make us feel good, and the levels of serotonin and dopamine in our blood: improving the quality of our sleep and mood.


Massage is also proven to be beneficial for people with chronic fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, depression and a whole range of other problems.


We will help you to relax through Remedial Massage and/or Reflexology. While the main aim is to bring relaxation we can also help you to regain better function by treating specific problems and improving posture in a safe and nurturing way.


Before we start we determine where you are now and what your body most need to function at it’s best. From there we decide which massage techniques are safe and which to avoid.


To save you travel time, time off or childcare arrangements we will come to your home* for your Massage and Reflexology treatments. We will bring all necessary equipment, clean linen and oils and cremes. If you prefer we can use your own favourite massage oil. You can also visit us in our Cockburn Central clinic.


Reflexology is deeply relaxing. We work on balancing your body energetically through the soles of your feet, while you are lying comfortably and warm on the massage table. Besides specifically treating stress and balancing the stress regulating glands of the body, we can also work on specific problem areas. We recommend a ratio of 2 Massages on 1 Reflexology treatment, but this is entirely up to you.

Contact us for information or to book an appointment. Health fund rebates are available. Check with your own insurance if Remedial Massage is covered.


*Within an area of 15 min driving around Bicton. If you live further away we can discuss alternative options.