Fit & Happy Running Club


‘I can’t run!’ ‘I have bad knees.’ ‘I don’t know how to breathe.’ ‘I have tried running, but it’s hard to keep going by myself.’ ‘I haven’t done exercise since, gosh, I can’t even remember.’ ‘I used to run, but got injured, and never picked it back up.’ ‘I hated running at school – but I would like to like it!’ ‘I was pretty good at it at school, but haven’t run in ages.’ ‘I have tried one of those couch to 5k apps….that was a while ago.’ ‘I am running 2 times per week by myself, but I don’t seem to get any faster.’ ‘I want to run because I want to lose weight, but I don’t know how.’ ‘I would love to run but I would be the slowest.’ ‘I love running and I am looking for a group to keep myself motivated.’ ‘I’d like to start running, but I don’t know how to start, what to do.’


Do you recognise yourself in any of those?

Running is a great sport; we all know it’s good for us, relatively cheap and we can do it wherever and whenever we want, even behind a pram. But sometimes it’s hard; it rains, it is too hot, there is no babysitter, something really needs to get finished at work, last night was a bit late and we also had a bit too much to drink. ‘Tomorrow I will really start.’ But: how? And what to do?


And if you are already running: doing all your running sessions by yourself can get really boring. And is what you are doing actually beneficial to your improvement?. Motivation can be a real problem.


Running with our group is a great solution; we will help you to start running and to keep it up. We will teach you how to run, how to breathe, what you need and how to preserve energy. We will motivate you and hold you accountable. We will help you to set goals and to reach them in a safe way. We will answer your questions and bring variety in your running program. Running in a supportive group motivates you to run more often, run faster and increase your distance, while having a chat and a few laughs.


We are a friendly and social group: running together is important while improving our stamina, speed, strength, technique and distance. We also realise that excessive exercise makes us age faster and you won’t see us doing crazy fast speed training (we are not 100 m sprinters), or running 3 marathons in a year. You will still be able to bring the kids to bed after training and stay up yourself.


Most of our training is done interval-style, mixing running with walking or jogging; that way we keep the group together and everyone runs at their own level. Every session is different and we run different routes. We mix running with run-specific strength training and short distances with longer distances. Our longer runs are usually done in the weekend.


Running is not only good for your physical and mental health; it improves your sleep, immune system and concentration. You feel younger, free and more relaxed and you get to go away from your daily routine to get a fresh perspective on things. You meet new friends and get a good dose of fresh air. You will feel fitter and therefor get things done faster.


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This is what you will experience:


You will feel fitter, faster and stronger
Your mental clarity will improve
You create valuable ‘me-time’, recharging your battery
You will make new friends
You will release frustration and stress
If you are starting: within 12 weeks you will be able to run 5 km non-stop (providing you show up for training at least 2x per week)
Over time your body shape will change (think: streamlining)
You will follow a proven training schedule that won’t exhaust you
You will be training towards your individual running goal (whether that is 5, 10, 15 or 21 km, or even a marathon)
You will run in different and beautiful locations
You will have access to our members-only Facebook group
You will have expert guidance to help inspire, motivate, educate and encourage you through your training season
You don’t have to figure it out alone
You will feel that you are in good hands as your trainer has 35 years of running experience, is a certified Running Coach and Personal Trainer and a Remedial Massage Therapist
You get to come on weekends away – with or without the family – running somewhere else in WA


You can join at any time of the year

We encourage you to join for at least 2 weekly sessions for best results. 1 Run a week is not really going to improve your fitness.


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