“Hi Erika Thank you for the remedial massage and your suggestions to assist me. I was unsure about having the massage but I am so pleased I did. I feel much better for having had it and plan to return for another session.” (Claudette)


“The Trigger Points on my neck – amazing!! I feel much looser and relaxed.” (Emma, 34, mum)


“I was surprised how quickly the time went as I was totally relaxed (reflexology). I could feel the difference in my shoulder straight after the treatment.” (John, 46, lecturer)


“When you said at the beginning that you would have me running 5km by November I really didn’t believe it. It is sinking in that we just did it and I am (just quietly) a little chuffed with myself…. So a big thanks to you Erika!” (Nancy, 44, chaplain)


“I am very happy with the way Erika explained what she was going to do during the massage. I have less pain in my shoulder and more movement in my shoulder and arm.” (Peter, 37, tradesmen)


“Erika is very genuine in wanting to know more about what is needed. I feel a lot more relaxed and have more movement in my legs.” (Joanne, 39, mum)


“You are awesome! Your class last week was great. I loved the grounding exercise and have used it a few times this week. You always manage to make me feel much better. Your sessions over the last months helped me immensely with dealing with negative attitudes around my situation and I breezed through last weekend with my mum!” (Sharon, 39, business owner)


“Hi Erika, I felt great and still do. Actually felt I wanted to do it again this morning. Feeling motivated. See you tomorrow! No stiffness yet.” (Sharon, 47, pharmacist)


“My body feels treated as the way I feel with physiotherapy. Erika performed excellent work: I wish the session was longer:). My chest feels a lot more open and it feels like body parts are in the correct places.” (Natascha, 41, mum)


“I appreciate the strength your sessions and classes give me; I know my great outcome is partly due to you. We are moving into our dream house next week: talk about clarity! I feel much more settled and possibly stronger than I have ever felt before. You were a big part of helping me to achieve what we have now. Setting goals and your accountability really helped.” Diana, 43, mum)


“Thank you Erika for an amazing ride! I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever felt and you have supported me in kick starting off new beginnings. Your personal commitment and dedication to each of my training sessions created even a greater momentum forward for my own personal fitness achievements. Also, your knowledge and experience of all the aspects of what it takes to be fit and happy made it each time more than just a session: it was holistic and nourishing too!” (Monica, 36, Natural Therapist)


“Very relaxing and good to know that Erika worked exactly the (reflexology) points relating to my condition which we discussed in the consultation. She explained the treatment and it made sense.” (Deanne, 52, librarian)


“Erika had a good understanding of my issues from previous treatments and continued the work. The heat pack and head massage at the end were a lovely bonus!” (Gary, 41, measurer)


“I felt stuck in my business and also in missing a significant partner in my life. In our sessions I felt the tremendous support to get into action to do the things I needed to do but somehow didn’t get to before. Erika has the ability to penetrate straight to the core of the issue and helped me to gain clarity in these situations. Through her enthusiasm and clarity I feel strong and motivated and I am looking forward to every session. I take action on all the classes as it really helps me to move forwards.” (Floor, 45, Emotional Therapist)


“I am learning how to organise myself practically and learned to deeply trust my abilities to create my future through the results so far. Erika’s program brings the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I have experienced the results not only in my personal life, but also in my business with an increase in clients and income. Erika is very empowering in her sessions. I feel a lot more joy now and confidence about being in charge of the direction of my life.” (Christine, 39, creative designer)


“Positional Release was great: minimal pain, maximum result. Good call Erika.” (Karen, 44, massage therapist)


“I feel that the treatment has already given relief, I can’t wait to see what the next treatments will bring.” (Fiona, 42, office worker)


“It was amazing and trippy and wonderful (reflexology). I feel straighter, more relaxed and happier. I am still in the clouds somewhere.” (Martine, 38, lecturer)